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How much will it cost?

The answer is, that it very much depends on the size of the property or garden, and the volume of items and debris we have to clear. 


Once we have established your needs, visited the property or spoken with you in detail on the phone, we can supply an accurate quote (which will include recycling and waste centre fees, labour and time needed for redistribution of items to charity). 

You will then have from us a fixed accurate quote rather than a vague ballpark figure.

Items such as fridge/freezers, mattresses, tyres, paint containers, and large electrical items will incur higher waste transfer fees due to the complex nature of the break-down and recycling of components. (These will be quoted for as separate items on your estimate)

Once Pitman and Green have cleared your house or garden, we will leave your property in a swept, tidy condition, ready for your ongoing refurbishment, DIY project or house sale.



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